Industry in India

Industrial policies

Industrial policies were launched in 1948, 1956, 1977, 1980 1991 in india

Industrial policy 1956 is known as Economic constitution of India

Industrial policy in 1991  ended the license permit raj , remove the restriction on FDI

Public sector enterprises ( PSEs)

Industries required Compulsory license for

1- Distillation & brewing of alcoholic drinks

2- cigar & cigarettes of tobacco

3- electronic aerospace & defence equipments

4- industrial explosives

5- specific hazards chemicals

PRESENT GOVT POLICY- not to privatise profit making companies & to modernise & revive sick companioes

As on 31.3.2015 there were 298 CPSEs & now it is estimates as 300

Maharatnas , Navratans & Miniratans

A.Maharatans- in 2009 Govt established Maharatans status

B.Criteria For maharatans-   

1- Having navratna status

2- Listed on Indian Stock exchange

3-An average turnover of more than 25000 crore during last three years

4-Annual net worth more than 15000 crore during last three years

5- An average annual net profit after tax of more than 5000 crore during last three years

List of Maharatna(7)



A score of 60 (out of 100), based on six parameters which include net profit, net worth, total manpower cost, total cost of production, cost of services, PBDIT (Profit Before Depreciation, Interest and Taxes), capital employed, etc

A company must first be a Miniratna and have 4 independent directors on its board before it can be made a Navratna.

This status empowers a company to invest up to Rs. 1,000 crore or 15% of their net worth on a single project ( mainly overseas without giovt approval ) or 30% of their net worth in the whole year (not exceeding Rs. 1,000 crores).

List of navratna(17)


Miniratna Category-I Have made profits continuously for the last three years or earned a net profit of Rs. 30 crore or more in one of the three years, get status of Miniratna  At present total 58

Miniratna Category-II ave made profits continuously for the last three years and should have a positive net worth. At present total 15


Major Indudtry in Indian 

First Steal Industry - Kulit (West Bengal)       Bengal Iron Works  (1874)

First large Steal Plant  - TISCO (Jamshedpur) 

                Followed by - IISCO (Burnpur)

First Public Owned Steal Plant - Rurkela (Odisha) + (Germany)

India's the third largest Producer of Steal

Comes first In the Production of the Spong Iron 

  • BHILAI - (Chattisgarh) + (Russia)
  • Durgapur - (West Bengal) + (Britain)
  • BOKARO - (Jharkhand) + (Russia)
  • Vishakapatman - (Andhra Pradesh) + (Russia)

Jute Industry

India's No.1 rank in Jute production and 2nd in export of Jute 

Cotton and Taxtile Industry

4% In GDP 

1/3 Total export earning

Cement Industry

First Cement production unit was set up at west bangal

2nd rank in the Cement production

Suger Production

2nd largest production in the world  (22% share)

2nd largest agro-base industry sector