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The action of illegally hiring or selling, delivering, receiving or sheltering children for the purpose of any kind of exploitation is child trafficking. Children are kidnapped, work as bonded labors or are forced for early marriages. The victims are also recruited to manufacture drugs and weapons.There are a large number of children subjected to forced labor, begging and sexual exploitation. Innocent children, boys and girls are exposed to the vulnerable conditions, violence and sexual abuse. It is the violation of human rights and children are deprived freedom. It breaches the child’s mental and physical ability which is primary to every child’s growth. Children lose their childhood because of the ill-practice of child trafficking. The basic rights of children, irrespective of economic status, caste or gender, are robbed from them. Traffickers are aware of the fact that children have less developed mental ability to understand wrong and right and are less capable to voice their trauma compared to the adults. Thus, they are an easy target. This practice deprives the child of proper growth with love and care of the family. He/ she is exposed to violence, abuse and traumatic conditions. There is a need to create awareness and educate people about child trafficking. There should be appropriate laws in order to prevent child trafficking and these laws should be implemented effectively. Child trafficking is the illegal activity of acquiring or moving people below the age of 18 for exploitation. Traffickers apply new methods every day to trick children and draw them away from home and sell them for certain amount or force them for labour, sex and other illegal activities. The various forms of child trafficking include child labour, early marriages, sexual assault, begging and organ trade etc. They are isolated from happiness and are constantly tortured.Effects of Child Trafficking Let us have a look at the effects of child trafficking in detail: Isolation: Children trafficked are moved away from the family environment and are departed from the shield of love, care and protection by parents. They have to work under hazardous conditions and are exploited in several ways. Child trafficking is child abuse and has shattering and traumatic impact on a child. There is no one they can turn up to in such trauma. Education: Most of the children trafficked are from poor and uneducated families where children support their families for income, they hardly ever go to school. Such children are tricked by traffickers for the lure of high wages and are transported to other destinations to work in industries for cheap wages or are sold for some amount. Young Girls are forced in to prostitution and the work environment in the sex organizations is such that restricts child’s mental growth. Girls are sexually assaulted and are not encouraged for education.Physical Health: Child trafficking victims experience inhumane living conditions, Poor diet and hygiene, physical abuse and beating and are deprived from the basic health care rights. Some of them are used for organ trade, others get injured at workplace. Children sexually assaulted are at the risk of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, infections and abortions. Acid is poured into the eyes of some children to blind them for begging as they make more money. The life of the victims is always in danger in such working conditions.Behaviour: Victims of child trafficking have adverse behaviour signs. Their voices are shut and hearts wounded which affects their relationship with others. Some might isolate themselves and cause harm and pain to oneself physically. They might get panic and anxiety attacks. Some may also excuse the reality by taking drugs and alcohol. Victims may loss interest in life and might try to escape away or commit suicide.The action of illegally hiring or selling, delivering, receiving or sheltering children for the purpose of any kind of exploitation is child traffic