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The world economy continues to remain quite volatile. Commodity prices especially have become more volatile. In a stable political regime, the resilience and enterprise of the Indian entrepreneurs continues to drive the economy through a growth path which may grow the excess of GDP year after year in spite of this volatility. Plastics consumption has reached a landmark figure of 8 million tons in the year i.e. April 2010 to March 2011. Expecting such growth, several expansion initiatives have been undertaken by various makers to step up plastics raw material manufacturing facilities in India. Plants are coming up a Dahej, Gujarat State, Bhatinda, Assam and Jamnagar to make increasing volume of plastics raw material.These plants are under advanced stages of construction. It can be safely presumed that all these plants will go into production by the year 2014 thus augmenting supply of raw materials. Existing polymer makers are also increasing their capacities selectively. Several polymer making plants have been announced for construction in Middle East and China. As such, large volumes of raw material will be available at competitive rates which in any way will remain at an elevated level due to high cost of their feed stock i.e. derivatives of crude oil.Introduction of Goods and Service Tax from 1. 4. 2011 has been inordinately delayed. The company does not foresee any possibility of introduction of the same in the near future. This reform could gave further accelerated the growth of India's economy. However, this still has wait.Central Government continues its focus to improve the infrastructure of several cities and towns under Scheme. Central and State Governments have earmarked large sums of monies to boost investment in Agriculture.Your company has various systems of cater to the requirements of agriculture and also to offer superior products compared to products made from conventional material for infrastructure improvement.In this environment, the consumption of plastics in the country is expected to grow at around every year in this decade; your company has taken and will take newer initiatives in providing superior solutions out of plastics to enable the company to have volume growth of around annually during the same period.During the year the company was operating at 19 manufacturing sites all over India. The company is currently putting plants at two new locations i.e. in Halol Gujarat for composite cylinders and Hour for Protective packaging products. It is expected that both these plants will be ready for commencement of production in December 2011 March 2012 period. Geographical location of the Company's plants to make a very large range of plastic products with several manufacturing facilities for similar products at different sites and non-dependence on any single plastics raw material to meet its requirement gives superior strength to your company to deliver around turnover growth for several years.Your company has selected its products portfolio in such a manner that it does not have to compete against imported plastics products. Products made by the company are either to meet just in time customer's requirements or freight intensive products or patented products enjoying exclusive right to produce in this part of the world.he company also avoids remaining in a line where it has to compete against unorganized sector. In certain products where the company is making such products, the effort remains to have lower percentage of such business, within the overall turnover of the products, just to supply complete range to its distributors.The company's distributors as spread all over the country. The company plans to reach its products to every nook and corner of the country. The company's products command great respect in the segments they operate due to its superior quality, range and service.The company's focus remains to supply quality functional plastics products. The company continues to invest monies to achi