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Prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifested in the universe, It is the vital force, Sukshma. Breath is the external manifestation of Prana. By exercising control over this gross breath, you can control the subtle Prana inside. Control of Prana means control of Mind. Mind can not pirate without the help of Prana. It is the Sukshma Prana that is intimately connected with the mind. Prana is the sum total of all latent forces which are hidden in men and which lie everywhere around us. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism are all the manifestations of Prana. Prana is related to mind; through will to the individual soul, and through this to the Supreme Being.The seat of Prana is the heart. Prana is one; but it has many functions to do. Hence it assumes five names according to the different functions it performs, Viz., Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana. According to the different functions they perform, they occupy certain places in the body. The table given in the following pages will give you a clear idea.Breath directed by thought under the control of the will is a vitalizing, regenerated force which can be utilized consciously for self development, for healing many incurable diseases and for many other useful purposes Hatha Yogins consider that Prana is superior to Manas Tattva (Mind), as Prana is present even when mind is absent during deep sleep. Hence Prana plays a more vital part than mind.If you know how to control the little vaves of Prana working through mind, then the secret of subjugating the universal Prana will be known to you. The Yogin who becomes an expert in the knowledge of this secret, will have no fear from any power, because he has mastery over all manifestations of power in the Universe. What is commonly known as power of personality is noting more than the natural capacity of a person to wield his Prana. Some people are more powerful inlife, more influential and Fascination than others. It is all through this Prana, which the Yogin uses consciously by the command of his will.Having acquired a thorough knowledge of the seat of Nadis and of the Vayus with their functions, one should begin with the purification of Nadis. A person possessed of Yama and Niyama, avoiding all company, having finished his course of study, delighting in Truth and virtues, having conquered his anger, being engaged in the service of his spiritual instructor and well instructed in all the religious practices, should go to a secluded place for Yoga Abhyasa. Nadi Suddhi (Purification of Nadi) is an important matter in the early stage of Yoga. If there are impurities in the Nadis, the ascent of Kundalini in the Sushumma is seriously retarded. Purity in the Nadis facilitates the ascent of Kundalini. Pranayama brings about quick purification of the Nadis. Nadi suddhi is the basis of Yoga. It is the foundation of Yoga. It is the first part of Yoga.Just as you can stop all the other wheels of the factory if you can stop the important Fly-wheel of the engine, so also if you can stop the functions of all other organs of the body, you can get control of the subtle, paychic Prana by restraining the breath. That is the reason why Pranayama is prescribed for controlling Prana.Prana is the over-coat of the mind. If you can control Prana, you can control mind and Veerya also, because Prana, Veerya and mind are under one Samdandha. If you can control mind, breath stops by itself. Prana comes under control. Just as you have a rervous system in the gross physical body, so also there is a nervous system in the astral body. The nervous system of the physical body is the Sthoola Prana. The nervous system of the physical body is the Sthoola Prana. The nervous system of the astral body is the Sukshma Prana. There is intimate connection between these two Prana. There is inter-action between these two Pranas.By controlling the act of breathing, you can efficiently control all the various functions in the body. You can very easily and quickly contr