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"My dear sons, I put a bet with Vinata that the tail of Uchaisrava is black, though, in fact, it is white. I should win the bet. You have to do something or the other and make the tail black, so that i will win the bet". The serpants did not agree for her words. "Oh mother, it is immoral. We cannot act immorally because my mother told. It is wrong. Please xcuse us". Kadruva grew angry. She cursed her serpant sons and said: "Those who are not heeding my words, will fell in the sacred fire of Sarpa Yaaga, performed by King Janameja, and die." Still the serpants did not agree for the proposal of their mother, Kadruva. But one of her sons, Karkotaka, was frightened with the curse. "Oh mother. Don't worry. I am here. I will carry out your words." Karkotaka said. Kadruva felt very happy. Karkotaka (snake) went to the sea shore. He climbed the tail of Uchaisrava and entwined to the tail. Now the tail is looking black, as karkotaka was a black snake. Next morning, Vinatha and Kadruva went to the seaside. They both saw the horse from a distance. The tail was looking black. Vinatha agreed for hear defeat. From then onwards, she became a slave to Kadruva. Some time passed away. The second egg which Vinatha was protecting, also broke. A huge body, with great strength, strong wings, came out of the egg. His name was Garuda. Soon after he came out of the egg, he flew into the sky with great speed and again came down to earth. He bowed before his mother Vinatha. He also bowed before Kadruva. On seeing this great personality, Kadrua was so jealous. She could not tolerate it. "Garudaa, your mother is my slave. You are also my slave. You have to serve me and my sons, snakes. You have to take all the snakes on your back for a jolly ride daily". Kadruva said. Garuda agreed for that. One day, Garuda took all the snakes on his back and flew into the sky. He flew much nearer to Sun. Due to the over heat of the Sun, all the bodies of snakes were burnt and the snakes fell down unconscious. On coming to know about this, Kadruva felt very sad and wept. She prayed Indra for heavy rain. All the snakes regained consciousness in those showers. Kadruva scolded Garuda for his foolish deeds. Garuda went to his mother Vinatha and asked her. "Oh mother. What is this? Why should we do slavery to Kadruva and her sons. What is the reason? Please tell me". Vinatha told Garuda what had happened including the bet between herself and Kadruva and her defeat. "Garuda my son, it is due to the Saapa (curse) given to me by your elder brother, Aruna. He also told me that you will relieve me from this slavery. Please do the needful". Garuda went to the snakes and asked them "What I have to do to you to relieve my mother from this slavery?" All the snakes replied "We want Amrutha, which is in DevalOka, in the custody of Devendra. Please bring Amruta from Devaloka and give it to us. Your mother will be relieved of her slavery immediately". Garuda agreed for it. He went to his mother and said "Oh mother. I am going to Devaloka to bring Amrutha and I will give it to sankes and relive you from this slavery. Maa. bless me". Vinatha felt very happy and blessed her son Garuda. After taking the blessings of his mother, Garuda flew away to Devaloka. On the way, Garuda met his father, Kashyapa. "Oh father, I am going to Devaloka for bringing Amruta to relieve my mother from slavery. I am hungry. Please give me some good food". Garuda asked. Kashyapa said "Oh my son, Garuda, listen to me. There are two brothers called Vibhavasa and Suprateeka. Suprateeka demanded his elder brother Vibhavasa to partition the ancestral properties. Vibhavasa did not agree. Instead he cursed Suprateeka to become a huge elephant. Suprateeka also cursed his brother Vibhavasa to become a huge tortoise. Now they became a tortoise of three yojanas long and ten yojanas