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"Oh Garuda. I am Devendra. I want to make friendship with you. You are my friend. But one thing. You are going to give Amruta to the cruel serpants. If they consume Amrutha, they will become immortals and they cannot be controlled even by Devatas. So I request you to give back Amrutha to me. I will give you whatever you want". On hearing the words of Devendra, Garuda replied "Oh Devendra, after giving Amrutha to snakes, my mother, Vinata, will be relieved of her slavery. Then myself and my mother will be freed and we will go away. After that, before the snakes consume Amrutha, you can snatch Amrutha from them and take it away". Mahendra gladly agreed for it. "Oh Garuda, you are giving back Amrutha to me. I am very happy. Ask me what do you want. I will give you". Mahendra said. Garuda told Mahendra: "Oh Mahendra, these snakes caused much harm and hardship to my mother and myself. Hereinafter, the snakes shall be the main food for Garudas.". Mahendra gladly agreed for it. (Even now, snakes are the main prey for eagles). Then, Garuda took the Amrutha and went home. Mahendra also followed him in invisible form. Garuda kept the vessel containing Amrutha (Amruta Kalasa) on dharbas (a kind of long grown grass). Garuda told snakes "As per your word, I brought Amruta from Devaloka. Please take this Amruta. My mother and myself are relieved from slavery. We are going away. Please take holy bath and take Amruta." So saying, Garuda flew away along with his mother on his back. Snakes are very happy as they are going to become immortals. They all went to take holy bath. Immediately, Mahendra lurking there invisibly, snatched away Amrutha Kalasa and went back to Devaloka. He handed over Amruta kalasa to the guards and directed them to proetct Amruta carefully. After taking holy bath, all the snakes came to the place where Amruta was kept to swallow the same. To their surprise and dismay, they could not find Amruta kalasa. They felt very sad. Thinking that, at least, if they lick the dharbhas on which the Amruta was kept, they may get some result, they began to lick the dharbhas. As the edges of dharbhas were so sharp, their tongues were cut into two. Since then they became "dvijihvas" (with two tongues). (Even now, you can find the tongue of the snakes cut into two). Because the Holy Amruta Kalasa was kept on Dharbhas, from then onwards, Dharbas also became sacred and holy. Adi Seshu, one of the sons of Kadruva, had been observing all these things. He was very much unhappy with his mother Kadruva and her deeds. Adi Seshu hated his mother and went away. He did Tapassu(penance). Brahma appeared before him. "Oh Garuda, I am very happy for the Tapassu you have done. I like your truthfulness and straightforwardness, and harmlessness. You are the fit person to bear this earth. Nobody can do this. From this moment, you will bear this earth on your head." So saying Brahma disappeared. From then onwards, Adi Seshu is bearing this earth on his head. The next elder son is Vasuki. He was very much worried about the Saapa of their mother, Kadruva, about Sarpa Yaga to be performed by Janameja and the fate of the snakes. He held a conference of all his brothers, relatives and friends. He discussed the matter with them. "Oh my dear brothers, relatives and friends. Adi Seshu is bearing this earth as per the word of Brahma. He is out of danger. As per the word of Brahma, I was used as churning thread to churn the sea. Hence I am also out of danger. What about you? As per the Sapa of our mother, You are all going to perish in the Sarpa yaga. Think about it.". said Vaasuki. On hearing these words, some youthful snakes rose and said: "It is simple. We will go to Janamejaya and his ministers as Brahmins, convince them that this Yaga is harmful to snakes and it is also Adharma.