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Wife Jaratkaaruvu, accepted it. She was serving her husband with great care and devotion, without giving any scope or his displeasure. In the passage of time, she became pregnant. One day, Jaratkaaruvu was sleeping, keeping his head on the lap of his wife. The sun was set. It was time for performing sandhya vandanam (evening ritual). Husband was sleeping. The wife could not control herself. She slowly woke up her husband. Jaratkaaruvu woke up. He grew angry "Why you woke me up in the midst of sleep?" he asked his wife. "Because the sun was set and it is time for sandhyaa vandanam. Hence I woke you up" she replied. "Any how, you caused displeasure to me. I could not tolerate it. I am going away. You are pregnant. You go to your brother, Vasuki, residence and stay there. You will beget a son who will become a great and famous saint." So saying, the husband Jaratkaaruvu went to forest for Tapassu. Wife Jaratkaaruvu went to her brother??Vasuki house and was staying there. In due course of time, she gave birth to a male child. His name was AAstikaa. He learnt Vedaas, Puraanas and other Saastraas under a Guru, Pramathi. (Now, let us revert back to Udanka approaching Janamejaya.) Udanka went to Hastinaapura and met Janamejaya. Udanka told JanamEjaya that Takshaka, the serpant, killed his father, Pareekshit, brutally. On hearing this, Janamejaya called all his Ministers. "Is it true? Had Takshaka killed my father, Parikshit? Why should he kill my father? How he killed my father? What had actually happened? Please tell me". asked Janamejaya. All the ministers told Janamejaya what had actually happened. "King Janamejaya, Arjuna was one of the five pandavas. He married Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna. Their son was Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu married Uttara. Their son was Pareekshit, your beloved father. Your father was very much interested in hunting cruel animals. One day, King Pareekshit went to forest for hunting. He saw a wild animal in the forest. He began to chase that animal. But the animal escaped. He went into an Ashram where Saint Sameeka was in Mounavratha (no?talking ritual), closed his eyes and was in deep meditation. Pareekshit came near him. "Oh great saint, Have you seen any wild animal coming this side? please tell me." asked Pareekshit. The saint did not give any reply. Pareekshit grew angry. He could not control his anger. He saw dead snake nearby. He picked up that dead snake with his arrow and put it in the neck of Sameeka. Then he went away to his capital, Hastinaapura. At that time, Srungi, the son of Sameeka, was not in Aashramam. But, all this was seen by a sishya (student) called Krusa. Immediately, Krusa went to Srungi and told him what had happened. Srungi grew angry. "My father was in deep meditation and also in Mounavratha somewhere in the forest. What harm he had done to that King? Why should that King insult my father? He should suffer the consequences. Within seven days from today, King Pareekshit will die with the snake bite of the serpant Takshaka." Srungi gave Saapa(curse) to Pareekshit. Then Srungi went to the Aashramam. He removed the dead snake from the neck of his father. Sameeka opened his eyes. Srungi told his father what had happened. Sameeka felt very sad. "Oh my son, what is this? Anger is the root cause for all the misdeeds and sorrows. That is the reason why Brahmins should not get anger. We are living here peacefully, safely and performing our rituals and meditation and tapassu uninterruptedly, only due to the safety given by the Kings. King Pareekshit is not an Ordinary King. He is the protectorof Dharma. He is kshatriya. Unable to conntrol his hunger and thirsty, he might have done this small mistake. For that small mistake, is it proper on your part to give such a harsh Saapaa to King Pareekshit.