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From that fruit, Takshaka, in the form of a small black insect, came out and bit King Pareekshit. The deadly poison, came out of his teeth, burnt away not only King Pareekshit but also the one? pillar building. All the ministers and others ran away. King Pareekshit was no more. O Jaanamejayaa, that serpant Takshaka, even without considering whether it is good or bad, just on the cursing words of a Brahmin, Srungi, caused the death of your father. Therefore, you also invite all the Brahmins, perform Sarpa yaaga, invite all the snakes by chanting Mantraas, and make them fell in the sacred fire and die." The ministeres concluded. After hearing the words of Ministers, King Janamejaya was very angry. He decided to take revenge on Takshaka for killing his father. He invited Ritviks (Chief Priests) and asked them to make arrangements for Sarpayaaga. He got constructed a big building for performing Sarpayaaga. While the construction was going, one architect told him "O king Janamejaya, the proposed Sarpayaaga will not be completed. It will be stopped in the middle". But King Janamejaya did not heed his words. He was ready to perform SarpaYaga along with his wife, Vapushtama. King Janamejaya invited the great Saints like Vyaasa, Vaisampaayana. Sarpayaaga was started. Ritviks (Chief Priests) and other Priests were chanting Mantras and inviting all the snakes. All the snakes were com ng and falling into the sacred fire of Sarpa Yaaga and were dying. On seeing this, Takshaka was frightened. He ran to Devendra and requested him for help "Devendra, please help me. Ritviks are inviting snakes, by chanting Mantras, to Sarpayaaga. Please save me". Indra knows that Lord Brahma gave exception to some snakes from Sarpayaaga. Hence, Devendra said "Dont worry Takshaka. Nothing will happen to you.". While the Ritviksat the Sarpayaaga were chanting mantras, all the snakes are coming and falling in the sacret fire. But Takshaka was not coming. They came to know that Devendra gave shelter to Takshaka. Therefore, Ritviks chanted mantras that "Takshaka along with Devendra are invited to come and fall in the sacred fire".With these Mantras, Deva loka was shaking. Mahendra also was frightened. "Takshaka, I cannot give you shelter anymore. You are being invited at Sarpayaaga. Please go". So saying, Mahendra thrown Takshaka out of Devaloka. Takshaka was flying in the sky, ready to fall in the sacred fire of Satra yaaga. On coming to know of all these developments, Vaasuki also was frightened. He called his sister, Jaratkaaruvu "Oh My sister Jaratkaaruvu, please see what is happening. All the snakes are falling in the sacred fire of Sarpayaagaa and are dying. You only can solve this problem. As per the words of Lord Brahma, your son, Aastika, can only stop the Satra yaaga and save the snakes. That is the reason why you are given in marriage to Jaratkaaruvu, a saint of your name.Your son, Aastika is a great saint. Now you have to request your son, Aastika to stop Sarpa yaaga and save the snakes." On hearing the words of her brother, Vasuki, she called her son Aastika. "Oh my son, you have heard what your maternal uncle, Vasuki, is saying. You please go to Hastinaapura immediately and stop Sarpayaaga and save the serpant community." said Jaratkaaruvu to her son Aastika. Saint Aastika bowed before his mother, touched her feet and took her blessings(Aaseervaada). Then he went to Hastinaapura and visited the place where Sarpa yaagaa was being performed. King Janamejaya cordially invited Aastika, welcomed him and did all formalities intended for a distinguished guest.(atithi maryaadalu). Saint Aastika praised King Janamejaya: "Oh King Janamejaya, you are a great king having good qualities like right knowledge, forbearance, control over the senses and mind, non?violence, equanimity,