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Since then, he was going and coming to Indra lOka. He was also called as"Uparicara Vasu"(flying vasu). Every year, Vasu was celebrating Indra Festival in his kingdom. A big river called Suktimati was flowing by the side of his capital town. By the side of the river, the was a hill called Kolahalam. The hill, kOlahalam fell in love with the river Suktimati. He fell across the river Suktimati. One day, King Vasu was going by the side of the river and saw the hill which fell across the river. He lifted that hill with his little finger. As the hill and river were in sexual contact for some time, one son and one daughter were born to them. The son was called Vasupada and the daughter was called Girika. River Suktimati gave her son and daughter to King Vasu. King Vasu married Girika and made Vasupada as the Head of his Army. Girika wasa very beautiful woman. One day, King Vasu went to forest for hunting. While he was wondering in the forest, he thought in his mind about his wife and her extraordinary beauty. He became horny and the semen came out. He collected the semen in a small bowel made of green leaves. He tied the bowel to the neck of an eagle and directed the eagle to deliver the bowel containing semen to his wife Girika. While the eagle was flying in the sky, another eagle saw the bowel hanging to the neck of the eagle. The second eagle thought that it was an eatable and wanted to have it. Both the eagles fought with each other. In that scuffle, the bowel with semen fell into river Yamuna. One Apsara called Adrika, who, as a result of Saapa of Brahma, transformed into a fish, was swimming in the river Yamuna. The semen of Vasu fell from the green leave bowel into the mouth of that fish, Adrika. Adrika became pregnant. One day, the fish, Adrika, was caught in the net of a fisherman. The fisherman cut the fish and found one male child and one female child. Immediately, Adrika was transformed to her origina form Apsarasa and went to DevalOka. The fisherman gave the two children to their king "Daasaraaju". The male child, called "matsyaraaju", later became the King of the fishermen kingdom. The female child, matsyagandhi, was growing as the daughter of the King "Daasaraaja". She was helping his father, Daasaraaja in rowing the boat across the river Yamuna. One day, while, Matsyagandhi was waiting at the River Yamuna, with her boat, saint Paraasara, son of Saint Sakti and grandson of VasishTa, came there to cross the river Yamuna. Paraasara saw Matsyagandhi. He fell in love with her. He wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. Matsyagandhi was frightened. She was in dilemmaa. If she does not agree, the Saint may curse her. "O saint, I am the daughter of a fisherman. My body is emanating the smell of fish. You may not like it. I am an unmarried girl. If I lose my chastity,how can I see the face of my father." said Matsyagandhi. Saint Paraasara smiled and said "O my beloved, you are not the daughter of a fisherman. You were born from the semen of a great King Vasu. Besides that, I will have intercourse with you without spoiling your chastity. Will you agree?" so saying, the saint made her as Yojana Gandhi (a woman with good fragrance from her body to a distance of 10 miles.). She was also called Satyavati. Again she objected "O saint, now it is day time. How can we have intercourse in this broad day light?" Saint Paraasara with his power made the sky cloudy with dark snowy clouds. Darkness plunged suddently. In that atmosphere, they had sexual intercourse. As a result, Yojanagandhi became pregnant and gave birth to a child. He was called Vyasa. Vyaasa bowed before his mother Satyavati and said "O mother, I am going to Tapassu. Whenever you call me I will appear before you and serve you. Please bless me". After taking the blessings of his mother, Satyavati, Vyaasa went toforest for Tapassu. Later Vyaasa divided the