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The son of Bhruguvu was Chyavana. Chyavana's son was Ourva. Ourva's son was Jamadagni. Jamadagni's son was Prasuraama who killed the entire Kshatriya community 21 times. With the Amsas (genesis) of the above Devatas and Raakshasas, many kings were born in this universe. With the Amsa of Sri Maha Vishnu, Sri Krishna was born. With the Amsa of Aadi Seshu, Balarama, the brother of Sri Krishna, was born. With the Amsa of Goddess Lakshmi, Sri Krishna's wife, Rukmini was born. With the Amsas of Apasarasas, all the 16,000 yaadava ladies were born. With the Amsa of a Vasu, called Prabhasa, Bhishma was born. With the Amsa of Bruhaspati, DroNa (the famous teacher of archery of both Pandavas and Kouravas) was born. With the Amsas of Kaama and Krodha (two of the Arishadvargams viz., Kaama, Krodha, lObha, mOha, Mada, Maatsarya), Asvadhaama, was born to Drona. With Amsas of Maruttus, King ViraaTa, Saatyaki and King Drupada were born. With the Amsas of Siddhi and Buddhi, Kunti and Maadri (wives of King Pandu) were born. With the Saapa of Saint Maandavya, Yama Dharma Raaja was born as Vidura, the brother of Dhrutaraashtra. With the Amasas of Ekaadasa Rudraas, (Eleven Rudras), Krupaacaarya was born. With the Amsa of Soorya (Sun God), KarNa was born. A gandharva called Hamsa was born as Dhrutaraashtra. A Devata called Mati was born as Gaandhaari. With the Amsaa of Kali, DuryOdhana was born. All the brothers of Poulastya were born as DussaSana and other brothers. HiraNya Kasipa was born as SiSupaala. Samhlaada, brother of Prahlaada, was born as King Salya. One daanava called Vipracitti, was born as Jaaraasandha. One Asvapathi was born as Krutavarma. KalanEmi was born as King Kamsa (the maternal uncle of Sri Krishna). Guhyaka was born as SikhanDi (with the help of SikhanDi, Arjuna killed Bhishma). With the Amsa of MarutGanas, King Pandu was born. With the Amsa of Yama, Dhaarma raaja, with the amsa of Vaayu, Bhima (second brother), with the Amsa of Indra, Arjuna (third brother), with the Amsas of Asvinis, the remaining brothers, Nakula and Sahadeva were born. With the Amsa of Sree, Droupadi was born. With the Amsa of Agni (fire god) DhrushTadhyumna was born. O king Janamejaya, now I will continue to tell the history of the Emperors of Bharata empire. Aditi was the daughter of Daksha. Aditi's husband was Kashyapa. Their son was Vivasvantha. Vivasvanta's son was Vaivasvata Manuvu. He created the man kind with four castes, Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Soodra. The son of Chandra was Budhaa. The son of Budha was King Puroorava. King Puroorava was a greedy king. He snatched away the moneys of Brahmins. Lord Brahma came to know about this. He deputed Saint Sanatkumaara and other saints to go to Puroorava and find out the truth. Instead of honouring Saint Sanatkumaara and other saints, King Puroorava heckled them. Saint Sanatkumaara grew angry. He cursed him and gave Saapa that he will become mad. The wife of Puroorava was Urvasi. They have six sons. One of the six sons was Aayusshu. Emperor Nahusha was the son of Aasshu. Nahusha's wife was Priyamvada. Their son was Yayaati. Yayaati married one Devayani, the daughter of Sukraacaarya. Through Devayani, he got two sons. Yayaati also begot three sons through SarmishTa, daughter of Raakshasa King, Vrushaparva. In view of the Saapa of Sukraacaarya, untimely old age was thrusted on Yayaati. Yayaati called his five sons and asked them whether any of them was ready to take his old age and give his youth. One Poora expressed his willingness and gave his youth to his father, Yayaati and took his old age. Here, King JanamEjaya got a doubt. "O Saint VaiSampaayanaa, Yayaati was a Kshatriya and also an Emperor. How he married Devayani, a Brahmin girl. What