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She began to weep loudly. Sukraacaarya could not see his daughter without food or water. He was also having some doubt that Raakshasaas might have killed Kacaa. With the DivyadhrushTi, he looked all over the world. He could not find the body of Kachaa. At last, he looked for himself. He found Kachaa in his stomache in the shape of ashes and liquor. He found that raakshasas killed Kachaa, burnt him and mixed the ashes and made him to consume the same.. He was mentally upset. He realized himself. "Oh what a fool I am. I could not realize how the liquor spoils a man and destroy him, both physically and mentally. He decreed that "from today on wards, if any human being consumes liquor, it is a great sin. He will become a great sinner. He will go to Narakaa (hell)". (In the present days also, many families are ruined by consumption of liquor. Many crimes are organized and commissioned under the influence of liquor. Still, the Governments are encouraging consumption of liquor for the sake of excise duty they get on liquor. They are earning money at the cost of the lives of poor and middle class people. The Governments are not having that much of wisdom and realization which Sukraachaarya had thousands of years back. It is our fate. ). Sukraacaarya, immediately, with the art of Mrutasanjeevani, gave life to Kacaa. Kachaa was alive. He spoke from the stomache of Sukraachaarya. "O mahaatmaa, by the grace of God and with your kindness, I am revived and alive. But I am in your stomach. How can I come out? Please tell me" he asked. Sukraacaarya was in dilemmaa. If Kachaa comes out tearing his stomach, he will die. Without tearing the stomach kachaa cannot come out. Hence his death is certain. Unless Kachaa knows mrutasanjeevani, Kachaa cannot revive his life. He told to Kachaa, "O kachaa, I am teaching you the art of Mrutasanjeevani. After you come out of my stomach, with this Art of Mrutasanjeevani, you revive me to life.". So saying, Sukraacaarya taught Kachaa the art of Mrutasanjeevani. Then Kachaa came out by breaking the stomach of his Guru Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya fell dead. Then Kachaa with the help of Mrutasanjeevani, revived him to life. Thus, Kachaa got the Art of Mrutasanjeevani. His mission is accomplished. After some days, Kachaa decided to go back to DevalOkaa. He sought the permission of Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya agreed for it. Then he went to Devayaani and also sought her permission. Devayaani looked at Kachaa with great passion and love. She wept. She did not agree for his departure. "O my dear friend, Kachaa, I am unmarried. You are unmarried. I fell in love with you. I want you. I cannot live without you. As you received Mrutasanjeevani from my father, you also receive his daughter also . Let us marry together". Said Devayaani. Kachaa did not agree for this proposal. "Devayaanee, your father is my Guru (teacher). He is equal to my father. When your father is my father, you are like my sister. This is the Dharma. I cannot marry you. It is not proper on your part to think like that". replied Kachaa. Devayaani grew angry. "If that is so, the Art of Mrutasanjeevani will not work out to you. This is my Saapaa (curse)". Kachaa smiled at her. "Oh Devayani, if it does not work out for me, I will teach it to some others. It will work out for them. But, I also give a Saapaa to you. As you fell in love with me against the traditions and dharma, you will marry a non?brahmin." Then Kachaa went to DevalOkaa. (Here we have to realize one thing. Now a days, school going and college going students are falling in love with their teachers and lecturers. It has become a fashion. Some pictures are also produced on these subjects. We know the saying "Maatru dEvObhava. Pitru dEvObhava. Aacaarya dEvObhava" means, after father, teacher is equal to