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In the meanwhile, Vrushaparva came to know of all these things through his secret agents. Immediately he rushed to the spot where Sukraacaarya and Devayaani were staying. He prostrated before Sukraacaarya. "Oh Guru Devaa, Sukraacaarya, please forgive me for the insult. Without you and your kindness, the Raakshasa community cannot prosper. Without you, We would have been perished long back. Thereore, my kingdom, my riches, my army, are yours. Everything is yours. Please order me what I have to do". So saying Vrushaparva stood before Sukraacaarya with folded hands. Sukraacaarya looked at his daughter, DEvayaani. "Oking Vrushaparva, your daugher Sharmishta and her one thousand servant maids shall be my servants from today onwards." Said DEvayaani . Vrushaparva gladly agreed for that. From that moment onwards, Sharmishta and her one thousand servant maids became the servant maids of Devayaani and they were serving Devayaani with devotion. One day, Devayaani,along with her servant maids, SharmishTa and other one thousand, went to the same forest for playing. King Yayaati also came to the same forest at the same time. He has seen Devayaani and other ladies. "I have seen you earlier. Who are all these girls?" said Yayaati. "Oh king Yayaati, you know who am I. I am Devayaani, daughter of Sukraacaarya. She is Sharmishta, daughter of Raakshasa King Vrushaparva. She along with other 1000 girls are myservant maids. They are all serving me always." Said Devayaani. Devayaani continued to say: "King Yayaati, while I fell in the well last time, you have extended your hand to me and I caught your hand and came up. The main ritual for marriage is Paanigrahanam (catching hand). It is over. As I have already caught your hand, I cannot marry others. Therefore, you have to marry me. If you marry me, myself, Sharmishta and other 1000 maids will serve you with great devotion." But Yayaati did not agree for this proposal. "Devayaani, I am a Kshatriya. You are a Brahmin girl. Kshatriyas cannot marry Brahmin girls. It is against Dharma. Being a king, if I do adharma, what about the others. They also violate dharma. Thefore, I cannot marry you." Yayaati replied. Devayaani has got a ready reply with her. "O king Yayaati, my father, Sukraacaarya, is an enlightened saint. He is the Raakshasa guru. He is person who decides what is dharma and what is adharma. If he says that our marriage is according to Dharma, will you agree?" She put a straight question. Yayaati has no reply. He said "If Sukraacaarya says it is dharma, I will agree". Immediately, Devayaani sent word to his father. Sukraacaarya came to that spot. "Oh My father, I fell in love with this King Yayaati. He also caught my hand. When Paanigrahanam was over, Is it proper for me to marry another person? Therefore, King Yayaati is my husband. Now, he is saying that kshatriya marrying Brahmin girl is adharma. You have to bless us by deciding that our marriage is not against any dharma".said Devayaani with strong tone. He understood the situation. His affection towards his daughter made him to say "Your marriage with King Yayaati is according to Dharma." Then King Yayaati gladly agreed to marry Devayaani. The marriage was performed between them. King Yayaati was about to go to his capital. Whie giving farewell, Sukraacaarya told King Yayaati "She is Sharmishta, the servant maid of Devayaani. . These are other one thousand maids. You can treat all these maids including Sharmishta equally by giving food, clothes and other luxuries. But don't share bed with Sharmishta only." King Yayaati agreed for it. King Yayaati, along with his wife Devayaani, her servant maids, Sharmishta and 1000 maids, went to his capital. Devayaani was kept in his palace. Sharmishta, and other maids were kept in a separate palace. He is