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On seeing Yayaati, Sukraacaarya's anger broke all barriers. "O Yayaati, on account of your youth, pride and arrogance, you deceived me and my daughter. You have violated the word given to me at the time of marriage. You will , therefore, suffer with untimely oldage" Sukraacaarya gave Saapa toYayaati. Yayaati with folded hands and with great humility told to Sukraacaarya "O great Guru, Sukraacaarya, I am the husband of your daughter, Devayaani. Equally,I am also the husband of the servant maid of Devayaani. When any matured lady prays for sharing bed to beget children, if I refused to do so, does it not amount to violation of Dharma? Therefore, I shared bed with Sharmishta and blessed her with children. For no fault of mine, you are showering curses on me with anger. I am still in youth. My desire to enjoy the wordly pleasures is not yet extinguished. I want to enjoy the sensual pleasures with my wife Devayaani for some more time. I cannot bear this untimely oldage. Please show me the wayout"Yayaati prayed Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya thought for a while. "If any one of your sons gives his youth to you and take your old age, you can enjoy the sensual pleasures as you like and you can give back your youth to your son and take back your oldage. But the son who gives you his youth, will be the future Emperor of your Kingdom. With him only your Vamsa (geneology) will be continued." So saying, Sukraacaarya went away. Then Yayaati called his five sons. "Oh my dear sons, as per the word of Sukraacaarya, if any one of you takes my old age and give his youth, I will enjoy the sensual pleasures for some more time and I will give back your youth again. He alone will succeed to all my wealth, and kingdom."said Yayaati. Yadu, Druhvu and Turvasu, and Anu did not agree for this proposal. "Oh father, old age will occur due to efflux of time. No body can avoid it or avert it. Every human being shall have to pass that stage. In life. Wantonly nobody invites untimely old age from others. Besides that, if a man is suffering with old age, no woman will care to see his face, even if he is rich and wealthy. One cannot enjoy the sexual pleasures if he suffers with old age. Therefore, we cannot receive your old age in lieu of our youth." Replied Yadu and others. Yayaati grew angry. He could not tolerate this arrogance and indifference of his sons. Her cursed them: "Yadu, you will be unfit to rule the kingdom. Turva, you will become the king for savage tribes who do not know the difference between dharma and adharma. Druhvu, you will become the king of a kingdom surrounded by water. Anu, you and your people will die while in youth.". The fifth son Pooru came before his father. "O father, I am here don't worry. I will take your old age and give my youth to you."said Puru. Yayaati was very happy. Pooru gave his youth to his father, Yayaati and received his old age. Yayaati became a youthful man with new vigour and passion. He enjoyed sensual pleasures with his wife for a period of one thousand years. He was very much satisfied. He gave back his youth to his son Pooru and received back his oldage. As per the word of Sukraacarya, Yayaati installed his son Pooru on his throne as his successor. Puru became the emperor of his kingdom. But the citizens of the kingdom could not relish this. All of them approached King Yayaati and said "O KingYayaati, Is it just and proper to make the last son as the Emperor of this kingdom? How a son of a servant maid (Sharmishta) will become the successor of this throne." Yayaati gave a fitting reply to all those who objected for the caronation of his last son Puru. "Oh citizens of my country, you are right. Yadu is my eldest son. But he did not heed my words. He acted with Pride and hypocricy. A son who will not pay heed to the words of his father, how can he succeed to the properties and wealth of his father. Puru,