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After a few days of rest he asked, "What are you going to do now?" The wise man replied, "I don't want to live as householder anymore. I want to return to my old forest and meditate." The bandit said, "I too would like to be ordained and learn to meditate in the forest." After giving up all his stolen goods, he went and lived in the forest with the Buttermilk Wise Man as his teacher. After much effort, they both attained a high state of inner happiness. The moral is: Seduction can be dangerous to men and women both. Once upon a time, there was a well known teacher who taught in and around Benares. He had over 500 students. One of these was from the distant countryside. Knowing little about the ways of city folks, he fell in love with a Benares girl and married her. After the marriage he resumed his studies with the famous teacher. But he started missing classes, sometimes staying away for two or three days at a time. His wife was used to doing whatever she wanted. Even though she was married to the student, she was not loyal and faithful. She still had secret boy friends. It just so happened that after she had been with a boy friend, she acted very humble with her husband. She spoke softly and tried very hard to please him. But on other days, when she had done nothing wrong, she was rude and domineering. She yelled at her husband and nagged him. This drove the man crazy. He was completely confused by how differently she acted from one day to the next. The countryman was so disturbed that he stayed away from classes. And while he remained home he discovered that his city wife was unfaithful. He was upset that he missed school for seven or eight days. Once upon a time, the Enlightenment Being was born into a rich high class family in Kasi, in northern India. He grew to young manhood and completed education. Then he gave up ordinary desires and left the everyday world. He became a holy man and went to live by himself in the Himalayan forests. He meditated for a long time, developed high mental powers, and was filled with inner happiness. Having run out of salt, one day he came down to the city of Benares. He spent the night in the royal garden. In the morning he washed himself, tied his tangled hair knot on top of his head, and dressed in a black antelope skin. He folded up the robe made of red bark, which he usually wore. Then he went to the city to collect almsfood. When he arrived at the palace gate, King Brahmadatta was walking back and forth on his terrace. When he saw the humble looking holy man he thought there is such a thing as perfect calm, this man must have found it!" He had his servants bring him into the palace. The holy man was seated on a luxurious couch and was fed the very best foods. He thanked the king. The king said, "You are welcome to live in my royal garden permanently. I will provide the 'Four Necessities' food, clothing, shelter and medicine. In so doing I may gain merit leading to rebirth in a heaven world." The holy man accepted this kind offer. He spent the next 16 years living in the royal garden of Benares. During that time he taught all in the king's family, and received the Four Necessities from the king. One day King Brahmadatta decided he must go to a frontier area and put down a revolt. Before leaving he ordered his queen to care for the needs of the holy man. Her name was Queen Tenderhearted. She prepared food every day for the holy man. Then one day he was late in arriving for his meal. While waiting, Queen Tenderhearted refreshed herself in a perfumed bath, dressed in fine clothes and jewellery, and lay down on the couch. Meanwhile the Enlightenment Being had been meditating in a particularly joyful mental state. When he realised what time it was, he used the power of his mental purity to fly through the air to the palace. When Queen Tenderhearted