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I have had some insight into, and nursing homes of repute run by senior faculty attached to teaching institutions. Along with this came, much to the respite of physicians and surgeons in mid and even small towns, not to mention the metros, near adequate private investigative infrastructures as CT scan machines, MRIs, nuclear scanning, and pathological work up labs that can deliver some intricate tests in some of the remotest corners of this country in a span of a day or two. This was service as I would see it first, and to run it there came a business like structure. Why the governments could not install and maintain such facilities, for at least half of the population, is a question that probably has easy answers. One may say the government did not have enough funds, or that private participation was believed to be more competitive to the consumer, or for other reasons one may not like to state. I am aware all patients, all doctors have to resort to support from this easily accessible infrastructure, that is prompt, has competitive rates. The reasons are again rather obvious. To take a shot at oneself, there could be doctors' interest, perhaps these investigation centers announce packages to the patients, and patients of their own declare their intentions to avail themselves of that. Quite often, there are third parties employed that may influence a patient, which could be a family kin that has a holding, and become a decision maker. Despite this, I am ready to agree that some methods have gone much beyond control."Indeed," said King Brahmadatta to the humble forest monk, "you have set my mind to rest concerning my first eight dreams. But my last eight dreams are even more frightening. I must do something to prevent the doom they predict." Again the king began shaking uncontrollably with fear and panic. "Calm down," said the holy man, "and tell me these dreams also, that I may relieve your distress." The king replied, 'These were my last eight dreams, the ninth to the 16th: a pond that's muddy in the middle and clear by the shore, rice cooking unevenly in a pot, fine sandalwood traded for spoiled buttermilk, empty pumpkins sinking in water, solid rocks floating on water. giant snakes gobbled up by tiny she frogs, royal golden swans waiting on a bad village crow, the frightening sound of 'munch, munch, munch'." "Please tell me the details of your ninth dream," said the monk. "Your reverence, I dreamed I saw a pond which was deep in the middle and shallow by the shore. It was filled with all five kinds of lotuses, and there were all kinds of animals two footed and four footed drinking near the shore. And yet the water remained clear by the shore, and got muddy only in the middle. How could this be? What does this mean?" "Oh king," said the forest monk, "in the distant future there will be only unwholesome kings. They will rule based on their will power, along with their anger and fear. They will not care at all about wholesomeness and justice. They will be much more interested in becoming rich from all kinds of bribes, than in the well being of the citizens. No longer will rulers have patience, loving kindness and compassion towards the people they rule. Instead they will be rough and cruel, crushing the people to squeeze the last penny from them in taxes just as the sweet juice is squeezed from sugar cane. "Therefore the citizens, unable to pay the taxes and bribes, will flee to the borderlands. Soon there will be less people living in the corrupt central capitals, and the borderlands will be heavily populated by the humble just like the pond that is muddy in the middle and clear by the shore. "But obviously there is nothing in this for you to fear, oh good and wholesome king. What was your tenth dream?" "Your reverence, I dreamed I saw rice cooking unevenly in a pot. Some was overcooked,