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These wives will treat their husbands like slaves. keeping them under their thumbs. If the men ask about family affairs, their wives will say, 'There's no need for you to ask. Everything in my home belongs to me, not you!' It will be like big long snakes gobbled up by tiny she frogs. "Now tell me your 15th dream." "Your reverence, I saw a crow, the kind that lives near villages. I knew he was filled with the 'Ten Bad Qualities'. He was being followed and served by golden swans. the kind seen as kings by other birds." "This too indicates a distant time when all kings will be weaklings. They will be no good at riding elephants or horses, or fighting battles. So you can easily see there is nothing for you to fear, mighty king. "Those weakling kings will be so afraid of being overthrown that they will be afraid to give powerful positions to worthy well educated nobles. Instead they will appoint foot servants, bath attendants, barbers and so forth. And the nobles will have to become the lowest servants of the untrained new officials just like royal golden swans waiting on a bad village crow. "At last we have reached your 16th dream, oh king. Describe it to me.?' "Your reverence, I will tell you my last dream, the only one that still frightens me. Ordinarily, leopards chase and eat goats. But in my 16th dream, I saw goats chasing leopards! And when they caught them they ate them up, making the sound, 'munch, munch, munch!' All the other animals who heard this frightening sound and saw the meat eating goats approaching, ran and hid in the forest.Call it the grease and oiling, call it muck. The one essential message here is that in a flight of righteous chauvinism, regulating agencies have to realize that this system still delivers, though in many ways is now becoming destructively unethical. There should be a well thought policy how to replace the practices methodically by what are fair business practices that are viable and more importantly acceptable to the common man that he is not being cheated. It's like refuelling a plane midair. One has to catch up to the speed and space, and there should be no jolt while the process is on. The clean up may include transparency, definition of what are acceptable practices, deterrence where it should be used, and activating government run centers, again by private participation if that be so. The wisdom of bringing about changes in a system that grew on its own to provide services, that thrived more because of need and subsequently runs on greed, will require mostly common sense, deciding what are reasonable charges for such services, and defining what may be called as 'crossing the limits', knowing just that slight difference of what makes the horse run, and what are the advantages, if any, of flogging a tired horse. With further opening of markets, investments, particularly FDI in insurance, there is a need to improve systems by all means, even by providing more medical benefits and social security to the common man, but so is the need to keep the Indian medical houses healthy enough to compete with any foreign players. The corrective measures need not flog them into dormancy; on the contrary make them cleaner and more competitive. It is a subtle wisdom, how to keep your house intact, even while replacing what has become unwanted. Because it is your house, and you live in it. The phenomenal BJP win in UP has established Narendra Modi as India's Neta No. 1. PM Modi hit the campaign trail in Uttar Pradesh in top gear. From Mirzapur to Bharaich and Jalaun to Lucknow, through the 23 rallies he addressed across the state, his message was always the same: trust me, vote for me, I get the job done. Modi went into the campaign lumbered with the liability of demonetisation but turned notebandi into a populist vote winner by repeatedly emphasizing that it was part of