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He thought, "This man is talking about me! Has the king taken my wealth and given it away?" Then: he jumped out from the bushes and shouted, "Hey you, what are you doing with my bullock cart?" He grabbed the reins and stopped the cart. The villager got down and said, "What's wrong with you? The billionaire Lord Illisa is giving his wealth to all the people of the city. What do you think you're doing?" As he said this he struck Illisa on the head as hard as a thunderclap and rode away on the cart filled with treasure. Illisa the Cheap bounced to his feet and chased after the cart. He grabbed the reins again. This time the villager held onto Illisa by the hair, pulled his head down, and struck it hard with his elbow. He grabbed him by the neck, threw him to the ground, and then continued on his way. All this rough treatment sobered up Illisa. He ran home as fast as he could. He saw the crowds of people carrying off his precious riches. He grabbed hold of them to stop them, but they just pushed him out of the way and knocked him down. Nearly fainting from his bruises, he tried to get into his home. But the gate keeper said, "Where do you think you're going?" Beating him with a cane, he grabbed him by the neck and threw him out. Illisa thought, "Now no one can help me but the king." So he ran to the palace and went straight inside. He said, "My lord, why do you want my house to be looted?" The king said, "This is not my doing. I myself heard you say that if I would not accept your wealth, you would give it to all the citizens. I applaud your generosity! And did you not send a drummer into the streets to announce you were giving your wealth to any and all?" "My lord king must be joking!" said Illisa. "I didn't do any such thing. People don't call me 'Illisa the Cheap' for nothing! I don't give anything to anybody if I can help it! Please, lord king, summon whoever is giving my treasures away, and clear up this matter." After being summoned by the king, Sakka came to the palace. Illisa asked, "Who is the real billionaire, my lord king?" Neither the king nor his ministers could tell the difference between them. The king said, "We cannot recognize which one it is. Do you know someone who can recognize you for sure?" "Yes, my lord, my wife can recognize me," said Illisa. But when she was called for and asked to decide, she stood next to Sakka and said, "This is my husband." When Illisa's children and servants were summoned, they too picked Sakka. Illisa thought, "I have a wart on my head, covered up by my hair. Only my barber knows this." So he said to the king, "Please summon my barber. He knows me very well." The barber was called for and the king asked him, "Can you tell us which of these two men is Illisa the billionaire?" "I must examine their heads," he said, "then I will determine who the real Illisa is." "Do so," said the king. Immediately Sakka, King of the Heaven of 33, made a wart appear on his head. When the barber examined them he found warts on both their heads. He said, "Oh lord king, I cannot recognize which of these is Illisa. Both have crooked feet, both have crooked hands, both have crooked eyes, and both have warts on the same spots on their heads. I can't tell the difference!" Hearing these words, Illisa began trembling. His mind became so unbalanced from losing his last hope of regaining his wealth, that he fainted on the spot. At that very moment, Sakka said, "I am not Illisa. I am Sakka, King of the Gods of the Heaven of 33." As he said this, he used his super powers to rise into the air and remain suspended there. Attendants splashed cold water on Illisa's face and woke him from his fainting spell. He knelt down in respect before Sakka, King of Gods. Then Sakka spoke: "This wealth came from me, Illisa, not from you. I myself, when I was your father, did many meritorious deeds. I was glad