Typing Test


The rules say that when two flags are fully spread out horizontally on a wall behind a podium, their hoists must be towards each other. Furthermore, the saffron stripes should be uppermost. When the flag display is on a short flagpole, then the mounting should be at an angle to the wall. Moreover, the angle is such that the flag is draped tastefully from it. When flags display occurs on crossed staffs, then hoist should be towards each other. One must never use the national flag of India to cover tables, lecterns, podiums or buildings. When the display of the flag takes place indoors, then it must always be on the right. This is because; right is the position of authority. Furthermore, the flag must always be on the speaker's right hand, when the display of flag occurs next to a speaker. Most noteworthy, whenever the display of flag takes place, it should be completely spread out. In conclusion, the national flag of India is the pride of our nation. Furthermore, the flag of India represents the sovereignty of the country. Most noteworthy, it is a moment of sheer proudness and happiness for every Indian to watch the national flag flying. The national flag of India certainly deserves the utmost respect of every citizen of India. Our India is a developing country. Moreover, it is one of the largest democracies. Since the day of Independence, our country has remarkable development in all the fields. And this was all possible because of the increase in education for all the genders. The gender equality took the country to new heights. Furthermore, the involvement of women in all sectors has increased India's growth rate. Now women are taking over every sector of society. That, in turn, is helping to expand our countries' literacy rate. Without any denial, we can say that women's education is a major step toward success. Furthermore, from the day of the independence of women's literacy rate is increasing. The success rate of the country in women's literacy is quite high. But still, there are some reasons women are not able to emerge in a proper manner. Women's literacy rate is increasing day by day but still due to some reasons the growth is hampering. The main reason for this is a crime against women. Various crimes against women take place every day. Because of which women are not able to roam freely on the roads. Crimes like Rape, women trafficking, murders, abortion of a girl child are a shame for the country. Furthermore, these crimes are prevalent, though being us in the 21st Century. This is a huge setback for the growth of our country. Moreover, in some rural areas like small villages, girls are not allowed to go to school. They are confined at home to take care of the house. Because the people there still consider that women are only made to take care of the house by staying back at home. Also, gender discrimination and male superiority are still common. Furthermore one of the main reasons for the reduced women literacy rate is the population of