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In a democracy like India, they take place every five years. A committee is set to monitor the whole electoral procedure from the voters list to the results. During the election process, various parties enroll themselves to contest in the elections. After thorough campaigning and more, dates are decided on which voting happens. People turn up in great numbers to cast their votes to make their candidate or party win. Most importantly, in a democracy, the election process follows the method of a secret ballot. It is very beneficial for maintaining the fairness of the contest. Moreover, they also protect the privacy and safety of the voter as they are not liable to answer to anyone regarding their vote. It is one of the fairest ways to decide who wins the election. he election procedure just shows how important and crucial it is for a democracy. The process is very grand and takes place on a great level. As it requires a lot of work and attention, there are certain people who specifically get the responsibility of handling and managing the entire process. Elections form the basis of democracy. They are very important as they help the people in getting a chance to contest the elections. It allows people to get a fair chance to work for their country and make a brighter future. Moreover, it also ensures that any person can become a part of the Government without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, sex, religion or more. Most importantly, elections entrust a big responsibility on the shoulders of the citizens. It helps in empowering the citizens of a democracy. You see that when a person earns the right to vote, they choose their Government responsibly as they realize the power that lies within their hands. Above all, the election process ensures fair play. They are a great way of preventing dishonest people from rigging the procedure. In short, fair and regular elections are a vital part of a democratic Government. Similarly, they empower the common citizens of the nation to elect their Government and also change it after a period of time to ensure everyone works for the best in the country. The Election Commission of India is a very huge body which has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. It was formed in the year of 1950. The Election Commission of India has made things easier for people ever since they came into existence. They have to look after a lot many tasks that help in the smooth functioning of the electoral procedure. It is constantly evolving to make the election scenario better. The Election Commission of India has been trying to bring about development in the election scenario to help it make easier and better. Firstly, it introduced the Electronic Voting Machine in 2004 during the Lok Sabha Elections. The move helped in reducing manual labor to a great extent. Moreover, it also introduced the system of voter ID in 1993. It has helped the electoral process in many ways. Firstly, it made the distinction very clear of people eligible to vote and ones who cannot. Then, it also