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It conveys the public opinion to the people on important issues. This will, in turn, help people review the Government and ministers well. Similarly, people get great employment opportunities from newspapers. Those seeking jobs look through newspapers to get reliable job opportunities. In short, the newspaper carries a lot of significance for humans. If we read the newspaper daily, it can develop our reading habit and make us more fluent. It also has mind-brain exercise games like puzzles, Sudoku and more to sharpen people's brains. Furthermore, you can also go through the comic strips and cartoons to keep yourself entertained. As the world is advancing rapidly, everything is becoming digital. From our shopping to news, we can easily do it on our smart phones or computers. This digitization has also affected the newspaper scenario. As people are getting instant updates on their phones about the latest news, the sales of newspapers have gone down massively. Does this mean the digital era will wipe out the newspapers? Looking at the present scenario, this possibility might soon become a reality. However, are we ready to have a world without newspapers? A world without newspapers is like having a home without mirrors. This means we won't be able to see our own reflection. We live in the age of the internet. Also, it has become an important part of our life that we cant live without it. Besides, the internet is an invention of high- end science and modern technology. Apart from that, we are connected to internet 24x7. Also, we can send big and small messages and information faster than ever. In this essay on the Internet, we are going to discuss various things related to the internet. It is very difficult to estimate the area that the internet cover. Also, every second million people remain connected to it with any problem or issue. Apart from that, just like all the things the internet also has some good and bad effect on the life of people. So the first thing which we have to do is learn about the good and bad effect of the internet. Good effects of the internet mean all those things that the internet make possible. Also, these things make our life easier and safer. Bad effects of the internet mean all those things that we can no longer do because of the internet. Also, these things cause trouble for oneself and others too. You can access in any corner of the world. Also, it is very easy to use and manage. In today's world, we cannot imagine our life without it. From the time it first came into existence until now the internet has completed a long journey. Also, during this journey, the internet has adopted many things and became more user-friendly and interactive. Besides, every big and small things are available on internet and article or material that you require can be obtainable from internet. Tim Berners-Lee can be called one of the main father of internet as he invented the WWW (World Wide Web) which is used on every website. Also, there are millions of pages and website on